Bikram yoga is suitable for all types of bodies. So, whether you want to gain stillness of the mind, become a little bendier, ease those niggling aches and pains, or lose those unwanted kilos...Bikram yoga could be just what you're looking for!


    Do you spend long periods of time sitting in a chair? Does your work or home life involve a lot of stress? Perhaps you feel your body tightening, as you are getting older? Then yin yoga could be the perfect yoga for you!


    Pregnancy is a unique and special time for a mother-to-be and her growing baby. At Bikram Yoga Tasmania we offer tailored classes for women during all stages of pregnancy, and all classes are performed in a non-heated environment.



Bikram Yoga has helped me on so many levels, physically, mentally and emotionally. I literally switch off in the class and leave with a clear head!
My friends used to rave about Bikram Yoga, now I do too!
Jennifer - Student