Pregnancy is a unique and special time for a mother-to-be and her growing baby. At Bikram Yoga Tasmania we offer tailored classes for women during all stages of pregnancy, and all classes are performed in a non-heated environment.

What to expect

Pregnancy is an incredible time of change for a woman – physically, mentally and emotionally. Practicing yoga throughout your pregnancy can help you nourish and nurture both yourself and your baby and give you tools to help during pregnancy, birth and beyond.

Our prenatal classes are all 75 minutes in length and follow the pregnancy series created by Rajashree Choudhury. This series of postures is a wonderful Hatha yoga sequence that is safe for all women during all three trimesters. Postures will be modified accordingly to assist with the stage of pregnancy you are in, or if you are experiencing any conditions specific to pregnancy (for example: pelvic girdle pain, high blood pressure, back pain etc.)

Classes also focus on sound practices, relaxation methods and breathing techniques, which all help towards having a strong and empowering birth experience.

About your teacher

Classes are taught by Anna Korkmaz, who has taught Bikram yoga and practiced Rajashree’s Pregnancy yoga throughout both of her pregnancies. Anna has also gained The Yoga of Birth Graduate Certificate which is registered with Yoga Australia.

“Yoga means union. May yoga unite you with yourself, your breath, your body and the new life you are creating.” Rajashree Choudhury

Class time

Saturdays: 4:00pm-5:15pm

Bookings are essential. 

ph: 6234 8346



10 classes – $160

Casual Class $18


    $25 Per Week Unlimited Membership
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Within four months I had lost 11 kilos and at the 6 months mark had lost around 14 kilos.  Aside from the weight loss I am now a lot stronger both mentally and physically.
Charlotte - Student