Bikram Yoga for Figure Skating

Kay’s story and journey with Bikram Yoga:

“In June 2011 I broke my ankle in 3 places whilst ice skating, attempting a particular manoeuvre. Once the plaster was off and physio started I needed something more – more for core and stability, as I wanted to be more stable before I got back into figure/ice skating. My daughter Laura had just done some Bikram with Ogilvie High and said that it might be what I was looking for.

Well, I came along and 6 years later am still a student.

In the last 6 years my core has improved, my coaches and synchronised team members have all commented on how much more stable I am, and as a result my free skate and dance routines are more solid and it means I am up in the medal count, and touch wood, the only falls now are when I am too lazy to pick up my feet and I collect the toe pick on the ice.

Sitting with feet to the side in a “W” (Fixed Firm Pose) was initially difficult due to scarring in the left ankle, but time and persistence saw this improve. Now I need to stretch it further on the left so I can do lunges both sides.

Tree pose has helped me realign and lift hips to maintain balance so I can do one foot spins, which are happening just in the last few weeks.

The hip flexor opening in Yin has been beneficial for certain movements that require change of feet and body going in the same direction, and some midlevel jumps, and to be able to stay in a straight line for a lunge.

Certain poses have improved my free skating:


“T” posture and aeroplane (Balancing Stick and Full Locust Pose.) A spiral on the ice, is a combination of these two postures, the leg is higher and the arms are out like an aeroplane or to the side more depending if you are on an inside edge or outside edge of your blade.


Triangle posture has been good for thigh strength for lunges, but not until I did a couple of yin classes and the deep front thigh stretch (dragon) have I been able to get down and stay for the time needed. The most important aspect of the lunge is the 90 degree angle on the front leg.


An “Attitude” is a loose standing bow, with some changes to arm, smaller back bend, just more upright. Again, the core and thigh strength.”

Thanks for sharing your journey and improvements Kay!

We lover hearing how Bikram and Yin yoga has been helping YOU. Share your story with us and your fellow yogis today. 🙂



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